The new OPTIMO EVO can fit 2 foldable backrests in polyethylene (in option) that can be clipped on the deck of the kayak.     "patent pending "   With the folded backrests, the OPTIMO EVO remains stackable.   The + of the OPTIMO EVO Higher seat for .. More info

Tango EVO

NEW 2017: The TANGO becomes TANGO EVO, with a revamped deck, two integrated side handles and the option to install an optional black backrest in polyethylene. “patent pending” The new polyethylene backrest is mobile: once lowered, the stacking of the kayaks is possible. Folders are automa.. More info

Optimo EVO

The Optimo EVO STANDARD: The professional reference SOT is equipped with two PE-backrests (options) for more comfort for the paddler. The Optimo Evo Standard does not have a front reinforcement and weighs 44 kg. The Optimo Evo Reinforced have a front reinforcement and weighs 48 kg. The ne.. More info
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