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Abaco 4.20 BIG BANG

Sit on top single-seater The Abaco is equipped with the latest equipment and facilities designed for modern fishermen: predisposition to accommodate on-board electronics, specific location for the probe under the hull.

The fast and powerful hull allows you to sail quickly to the fishing spots.

The Abaco is silent, it doesn’t hit the chop. Its low height, coupled with its keel, makes this kayak drift slowly, even without a floating anchor. Its freeboard is low at the level of the seat, which makes it easier to grip fish.

The Abaco 4.20 Big Bang is equipped with a Hi-Comfort seat and an Elegance double paddle, aluminium handle.

It is capable of sailing beyond 300 m: Compliant with Division 245

  • Length : 420 cm
  • Width : 72 cm
  • Depth: 30 cm
  • weight :34 kg
  • Capacity : 1 person
  • Charge max: 180 kg

Installation of the footrest for navigation without rudder

Rudder kit installation