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Mambo Pack

Kayak Mat, the Mambo is the reference of the Sit on Top.

The difference with the Mambo classic is that it is sold with a 2-piece paddle and a luxury polyethylene seat. Then there is a brass insert in the back of the seat.

Unsinkable and Autodumper, it is playful and truly versatile. From the walk to the surf, this kayak is as comfortable in the waves of the ocean as in the swirls of the torrents (class III – IV), and also on the lakes and the quiet rivers. Its well-étravéeed keel, with a keel on the full length, makes this kayak stable and director. However, thanks to its small size, this boat remains very maneuverable. Its design tricks (integrated footrest, ergonomic seat, stackable…) Make it functional, practical and comfortable. Thanks to all its qualities, the Mambo is aimed at both novice and experienced kayakers by offering a very extensive program: hiking, surfing, fishing, diving.

length : 267 cm
width: 77 cm
Depth: 34 cm
weight :20 kg
capacity : 1 person
Maximum load :130 kg