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Ocean Quatro

The “Quatro” boarded two adults and two children.

The large sea hikes are now accessible while enjoying the unique comfort and security features of the Sit on Top. Boat of the family par excellence, the Quatro is also a real player, capable of surfing the waves from the very first outings.

Conforming to Division 245, the OCEAN QUATRO can evolve beyond the 300 m and up to 2000 of a shelter (without being registered but with the basic endowment of safety equipment), or up to 6000 (registered kayak and with the coastal endowment of security equipment ). Check out our regulations page for more information.

length : 412 cm
width: 90 cm
Depth: 35 cm
weight: 34 kg
capacity : 2 + 2 persons
Maximum load : 260 kg