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Optimo Evo Reinforced

The Optio EVO is the SOT of reference of the Professionals team of two files in PE (options) for more comfort for the paddler.

The enhanced Optio Evo has a leading edge reinforcement at the front and weighs 48 kg. New polyethylene files are mobile: Once lowered, the kayaks can be stacked. The folders are automatically lowered by dragging the kayak from the back to the front. For the whole family, up to 2 adults and 1 child, the Optio is an alternative to traditional canoes.

The + of the Optio EVO:
-Optional polyethylene files
-Higher seating for better comfort of the paddler
-Possibility to sit on the top of the molded seat
-built-in side handles
-Stackable even with the backrest
-Stackable with Standard and Pro Optimisos
-2 spaces (Central and rear) accommodating cans of 50 and 64 litres
-High loading capacity

length : 432 cm
width: 93 cm
Depth: 34 cm
weight :44 kg
capacity : 2 + 1 person
Maximum load :300 kg