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Tango Evo kayak rental

The TANGO becomes TANGO EVO, with a revamped deck, two integrated side handles and the option to install an optional black backrest in polyethylene.

The new polyethylene backrest is mobile: once lowered, the stacking of the kayaks is possible. Folders are automatically lowered by sliding the kayak from the back to the front. Nimble and versatile, the Tango has an even hull for maneuverability and a small keel that maintains tracking. This kayak’s ample seat width and abundant weight capacity provides for larger paddlers and paddlers with heavy gear. A low center of gravity adds to the stability. Built in stern storage with gear straps makes it easy to reach snorkel and fins. The Tango is the perfect day tripping sit on top for lazy rivers, lakes and calm ocean waters.

Lenght:  11’5
Width : 30’7
Height : 13’3
Weight :57 lbs
Capacity : 1 people
Capacity max : 308 lbs