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Rotomod was created 40 years ago in Bon Encontre, in Lot Et Garonne. But before becoming the Rotomod company as we know it today, several phases wrote the history of this company in the agenais basin.

In 1973

François NEVEUX creates a company under the name SEPN SA whose activity only concerns the manufacture of concrete products intended for the sanitation market.
In 1984, SEPN SA was bought by four employees and took the name of KA France (Kit Assainissement France). The transformation of plastic materials then developed, to the detriment of the prefabricated concrete activity.

In 1993

KA France acquires Le Roto Moulage Moderne – Rotomod – based in Beauville en Lot et Garonne. This company manufactures canoes and kayaks under its own name.
All the activities of KA France and ROTOMOD are then grouped together on the Bon Encontre website.
Over the years, the company has invested in technical equipment specific to the production of canoes and kayaks. These investments have led to a significant improvement in product quality and responsiveness to seasonal demand for leisure products. The canoeing activity has enabled Ka France – through its subsidiary Rotomod (RTM brand) – to market a clean product with its own network.

In 2003

Rotomod becomes the official name of the company (after absorption and merger by KA France of the subsidiary)
Rotomod’s development of canoeing is mainly due to the introduction on the market of Sit On Top (SOT) kayaks, which are unsinkable, self-draining and safe and can be used at sea.
Rotomod continues its very specific investments by acquiring production tools to launch the manufacture of sea kayaks, particularly in tri-layer.

In August 2007

The NEOFINKA financial holding company acquires a majority stake in DAG, a rotational moulding company based in the Ardèche region and a major player in the manufacture of canoes and kayaks. This new acquisition provides the group with a complete know-how in Design-Design, Innovation and Manufacturing in this field.

In October 2012

The managers of Rotomod and DAG, in order to give themselves the structural means to take on the specific evolution of the market, decided to merge the two existing structures and thus create a more appropriate common production and distribution centre. This is reflected in the merger of DAG into Rotomod, and thus constitutes a new asset for success. Rotomod then has 3 brands: RTM, DAG and RTM Fishing.

With its 2 production sites in Bon Encontre in the Lot et Garonne (47) and St jean le Centenier in Ardèche (07), Rotomod has a sales force of 15 people and is present in 60 countries around the world to promote French know-how.
Rotomod celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2013, with new projects for the next 40 years.