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Ocean Quatro

The Ocean Quatro is a design for carrying one, two, three or four paddlers.

An exceptional choice for families and rental operations, this kayak has a great load carrying capacity. The main seats are located in the bow and stern while in between are two smaller seats to accommodate children or a solo paddler. Channels drain water away from the seating and foot area to provide a drier ride. Ample room and great stability, the Quatro is at home on flat water, lakes and the ocean.


Recommended accessories

  • Leach-pagaie
  • AC-Bouchon
  • bouchon-auto-1
  • bidon-24-litres
  • euroclub-seul-rouge
  • pocetel
  • gilet-maya
  • Pag-Eleg-blanche-diag
  • siege-hi-confort


  • 412 cm
  • 90 cm
  • 35 cm
  • 34 kg
  • 260 kg
  • oui
  • yes
  • yes
  • pe