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A Sit On Top is literally translated as “sitting on it”.

Historically, kayaks are sit-ins, meaning sitting in them.

The paddler has to slide his legs through the manhole, the legs are then under the kayak deck. This position makes beginners feel trapped and they are afraid of being stuck in the kayak in case of capsizing.

A sit on top kayak is a double hull boat. It has the seat, footbraces and other storage spaces directly designated and molded onto the deck.

The Sit On Top then allows beginners to discover the activity without fear and constraints.

The Sit On Top is not just a boat for beginners.

Depending on the shapes and forms, high-performance models exist for expeditions, hikes and fitness (Mid-Way/Temp/Rytmo/Nelo 510).

Most Sit On Top models are equipped with self-draining wells. These are holes designed and placed ideally for water to drain from the cockpit of the boat.

This makes the kayak unsinkable. In case of desalination or simply a desire to swim, it is easy to get back in your boat, even in deep water.



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